Month Meeting Info
January Speaker: Leah Wolfe, RPH, BCOP, MTM, BScPharm - Myeloma from a Pharmaceutical perspective
February Open Discussion
March Myeloma Action Month
April Speaker: Megan Sell, RN, MS, CNP - Multiple Myeloma Labs and Tests
May Speaker: John Killip, MM Journey Partners - Patient Advocate
June Speaker - Kristen Keagle, RN, BSN, OCN, Oncology Nurse from Janssen Oncology - Myeloma and Self Care
July Speaker: Leah Wolfe, PRH, BCOP, MTM, PScPharm and her team from Northern Ohio Academy of Pharmacy - Myeloma from a pharmaceutical perspective
August Open Discussion
September Speaker: Dr. Michael Dugan, MD along with a patient on the current regimen - Pomalyst with Dex - Celgene
October Speaker: Dr. Shruti Trehan, Local oncologist - Myeloma Team
November Open Discussion
December Annual Gathering